Parking Information

The George on the Riverwalk offers complimentary 3-hour parking permits during business hours at the corner of Orange Street and Water Street.

Please obtain a parking permit from a staff member upon arrival and read all information on the front and back. Failure to follow all rules and restrictions may result in fines issued by Park Select Wilmington.

The George on the Riverwalk and Riverwalk Associates Inc. are not responsible nor shall be held liable for any fines incurred while parking on these premises.  Complimentary parking is offered as a courtesy to restaurant patrons and only valid for the specified time limit.  Passes are limited to one per vehicle, per visit.  Intentional misuse of this parking permit will result in invalidation and potential fees.

Any disputes regarding issued citations should be taken up directly with:

Park Select Wilmington
PO Box 456
Wilmington, NC 28402



Parking Map